Sunday, May 12, 2013

Find Your Voice with MezzoDiva

As well as continuing a varied and eclectic performing career, a vibrant mix of cabaret, theatre and recording projects, I'm very excited about a new holistic area of my teaching practice for singers and non-singers alike, in a variety of formats from individual private lessons to group master-classes, as well as seminars and workshop retreats in various lengths, from an hour to 3 days.

Whenever I meet people and I'm asked what I do, I tell people I'm a singer. The very next thing I almost always hear them say is something like "Oh, I can't sing." Well, I call B.S! My manifesto is that everyone can sing. Very few people are physiologically impaired in such a way as to interfere with the healthy function of their voice.

There is a very good reason for the metaphor of ‘your true voice in the world.’ The living breath and a commitment to honest open vocalization (the same tools and techniques which allow performers to create compelling, authentic performances) make singing an incredibly powerful medium through which people at all stages of life can open up to their own true voice, and through their voice to their power, their passion, their creativity and their truth.

Singing and speaking your truth, finding your voice is your birthright as a human being. We are all born doing it: slap, breath, wail. That was your very first song, your own intuitive healing voice. And considering how many people in this world have that right stolen, silenced, or suppressed, it seems a great shame to waste yours. Now, stop caring so much what other people might think, and go sing something!

My work is about helping people get out of their own way psychologically and relearning good vocal habits. So if you want to reclaim your true voice in the world, call me. I can help with that.

Find Your Voice with MezzoDiva
Why we sing, how to make your voice your own,
and why it’s more important today than ever before.

Ramona Carmelly - Mezzo Soprano
Performing Artist: Classical, Jazz, Cabaret
Opera/Oratorio/Music Theatre/Television/Concerts/Special Events
Also available for Lessons/Master-classes 
Vocal Technique & Repertoire
Musical/Dramatic Interpretation,
Character Study & Stagecraft

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